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Day 1 Santiago Chile

Bellavista Rocks !!

IMG_1353.jpgOk so after a great experience in the Auckland airport we started our journey to Santiago at 5.30pm yesterday. It was a pretty long flight, with semi-descent food. Both Anto and I couldnt really sleep that well so we ended up watching 3 movies. In the morning we listened to some latin american music to get us in the mood of South America.

We landed in Santiago international airport at around 1.15pm today. Knowing my luck I was a bit anxious, walking towards the immigration to get my arrival stamp. But this time everything went smoothly. Got out pretty quickly.This time Anto took longer than I did.

With the help of our latin american phrase book Anto organised transport for us to get our hostel with a non english speaking lady at the counter.

After getting dropped at the hostel when we went to check in, the sweet lady offered us a room that had a private bathroom but asked us to checkin a little later as our room wasnt ready.We went for a walk around the block and decided to have lunch at this little place near our hostel.

The food wasnt great but the service from our waiter Alberto was great.He also directed Anto to a gym which was next door as Anto has to continue to be Ripped for Rio.

After lunch we went to buy some things that we need from a little convenience store, the phrase book came in handy here. Anto did go a bit far by trying to look for the right pronunciation for ´banana´ which was ´banana´.

We then went to this gym suggessted by Alberto to see the pricing and the availabilty, etc. The $20.00 phrasebook was useless at the gym, as it didnt have the questions we wanted to ask and when did ask the questions we didnt understand the responses from the lady.I have seen foreigners bargaining in Colaba, Mumbai by writing and communicating with sellers, I used think that it was so funny. I was doing the same thing today, it was an experience.I hope I will get better at communicating like that as we progress through the trip.

We took a nap and Anto went to the gym after. He enjoyed it.I wanted to go but was too tired.

I had great nap and when Anto came back we went out for dinner. On our way out of Bellavista we met this guy Ivan from Colombia. He was in our flight aswell. He was living in Australia for the last 11 months. 3 of us went out for dinner and had empanada which is a pastry stuffed with meat.
We were pretty surprised by the number of people were out on a tuesday night. And a lot of them didnt seem to be tourists. The street we were on felt like we were on Chapel Street on a thursday night.Bellavista definitely has a pulse.
Thanks to Wesley for the recommendation.

Buenos noches !!

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Relaxing in The Auckland transit lounge

18 hours in the cushy green sofa`s in the Aukland transit lounge

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Well finally after out nightmare start to the trip we boarded a plane to Auckland. The filight was brisk and thank god every thing went smoothly. The ground staff and the security staff at Auckland were extremely accommodating, I wish they worked at the immigration call centre as we would have never had the fiasco of Harsh´s transit visa if they did. Craig in security was great, escorted us through a private baggage screening at 2am in the morning and told us exactly where we could get a good nights rest and where to score some free blankets.

After walking through many bedding options, the four seater side by sides, the $2 massage sofa to name a few we decided on the comfy green sofa´s overlooking gate 3. The inflatable pillows we picked up at tullamarine were a god send and Craigs advice of were to get a blanket also worked a treat. Every thing was seamless, no I lie once again Harsh´s inflatable was stubborn and I looked like old satchmo trying to blow it up, not something one needs at 2.30 am.

All in all the sleep was peaceful, well as peaceful as it could get considering the sounds of the cleaners vacuuming, the escalator screeching and the aircraft engineers working on the parked planes.

After a long awaited rest we fed ourselves twice, and then I tried to purchase some kiwi memorabilia. Well I tried a few all black top´s on thinking I would fill them out like Carlos Spencer or Lomu but sadly I found myself floating in even the boys size 16, they must breed them bigger here or maybe I got too ripped for rio and lost size on the Bi´s

Any way it´s close approaching 17.30 NZ time on the 9th which means we are close to boarding LAN800 bound for Santiago. The Qantas Kiwi blood stewardess set a high bar so I have High expectations of the Latino ladies on Lan Chile.

Next stop Santiago de Chile.....

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Drama at the check-in

off course it has to be related to Harsh's indian passport

Well you might be wondering how is it possible for me to write this blog whilst aboard a plane on the way to NZ. well the simple answer to that is we are still stuck in the F&cking airport. Yes after a smooth start to the day. Harsh was politely declined a boarding pass right at check-in today. At first we thought it was due to her newly aquired australian visa but noooooooo, the authorities from the land of the long white cloud and the place that gave us Fush and Chups gave was incorrect info. To cut a long story short Harsh had to be whisked away to sydney and back within 3 hours to get a transit visa. More on this story later As we have to board now finally.......to be continued.

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South America here I come !!!

6 countries in 3 days

This crazy adventure trip to South America is officially my first major travel experience.I am so excited that even after a hectic long flight of 20 hours from Mumbai to Melbourne today and 2 hours of sleep, I am still looking forward to the next long flight to Chile, with a 24 hour transit wait in New Zealand.
Oh! I cant get out the Auckland airport as I am not a cititzen of Australia. So I will be spending 24 hours in the airport and then fly to Chile. I dont want Anth to suffer because of me so I asked him to get out. Not sure what he is goin to do.

Getting the Visas for the South American countries wasnt easy either.Man these last two months have been one of the most frustrating times I have gone through. Having an Indian passport makes it so difficult, its not funny. And I didnt realise that before.
The most frustrating experience was getting the tourist visa for Chile. I am going to be in Chile for not more than 4 days. The amount of paperwork these people asked for was just unbelievable and moreover after assuring that I will get the visa in 15days it took them a good month and a half to give me the visa.

Its 2.20am and I just finished packing. I was a bit stressed as just got to Melbourne today morning from Mumbai. I had to unpack and pack again which wasnt great fun.
Its not the most exciting thing to do after a 20 hour long flight from mumbai via dubai via singapore to Melbourne.I am never flying with Emirates to go to India ever again. Singapore Airlines is the best option and I have learnt that lesson the hard way.

Anyway I am finally ready and Ripped For Rio !

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4 days to go

Well two and a half months in the planning, Running around getting visa's, booking accommodation & tours, chopping and changing itineraries and it all comes down to this Monday. My self and Harsh finally venture to South America for our three month adventure. Damn there is still so many things to do before we go
[*]Finalise travel Money
[*]Organise the Inca trail and amazon
[*]Purchase Malayria tablets
[*]Transport from Argentina to brazil
[*]Buy my carnaval outfit-I mean Harsh's Carnaval out fit

Yet true to form I spent the entire day trying to make this blog look pretty.

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